Recent Chef's Blade Article

It's been about 3 months since I became a featured writer on Chef's Blade. Working with the Managing Editor Jacky is a great experience. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to write for them.

This past article I interviewed Executive Chef/Owner of one of the hottest restaurants in the valley. Cork in Chandler is one of my favorite places to eat. They specialize in Modern American cuisine, small plates, and creative dishes.

Talking with Chef Brian Peterson was as entertaining as his food. Here's the article. If you are close by and would like to visit Cork let me know and I will join ya.

How Not to Fail as an Executive Chef by me

Inspiration -

Where does it come from? For someone who has recently been professionally diagnosed with ADD inspiration comes from all angles at no set time or place. For example I was inspired to write about inspiration while I was eating a protein bar for lunch. Yes, a protein bar. It’s my dirty little food secret – I eat protein bars and shakes on occasion.

Today, a few minutes ago, I had a protein bar for lunch. One bite and 40 chews later I thought, “what is the inspiration behind these dense blocks of substance?”

When I cook I’m always thinking about how to balance flavors and create textures to stimulate as many senses as possible. I find inspiration from food memories from the past and present. Inspiration, I guess, is around us 24/7. It’s just a matter of doing something with it.