Execution -

A successful business man recently told me that there’s only one difference between a dreamer and a doer – EXECUTION. When I heard that I started to reflect on the past and the present.

I’ve always considered myself a doer until about a couple of years ago. I could easily point the finger at Corporate America for holding me back but I can’t. It wasn’t their fault that I didn’t pursue my dreams. I was to blame. I fell into a trap that most of us, at sometime have fallen into –contentment; habit; fear.

I told myself that the beginning of the year was going to be different. I was going to pursue my dreams – I was going to be once again a doer.

The first thing I did was celebrated the New Year by going to Napa and eloping with my foundation - Erin. She is solid as a rock and I couldn’t have done what I’m doing without her.

The next thing I did was resign from my corporate job. Almost 4 years of having a cush job; a stable paycheck; and the pressure of management to hit “the numbers;” I resigned. Not an easy move at first but one of the best moves I’ve ever made.

So, what am I doing now? I’ve started my own business. I’ve always wanted to work for myself; I’m a risk taker, an adventurer, and a doer. Perfect recipe for an entrepreneur, right.