The Hunger Challenge

When I saw Chow’s tweet “Can you eat on $4 a day?” I thought that they had lost their mind. Seriously who could eat off of $4 a day? Any idea? According to The Hunger Challenge website $4 a day is the amount a Californian on food stamps has to live on.

The first thing I did when I got up this morning was create a menu for days of the 2009 Hunger Challenge – September 20-26. I am used to eating 5 small well-balanced meals a day on a budget at least double what is giving to people on food stamps.

I’m saddened that there are more than 35 million people in our country that live on a food stamp budget. I think that everybody should have the right and the means to eat a well balanced diet. In my first day of the challenge I can tell you that there is NO WAY that anyone can have a balanced diet on $4 a day.

I will post my results as often as I can. If you’re up for the challenge go here….Offical Website