Ricotta and Spinach Crêpes

JTK’s Crêperie Now open for lunch! Only serving myself, friends and Erin.

Serving savory and sweet crêpes using local produce and the freshest ingredients. Guaranteed to satisfy every palate! Sounds good-local produce and fresh ingredients. What's the hold up?

How good does a savory crêpe filled with a mixture of locally grown spinach and ricotta cheese topped with a pleasantly salty duxelle sound? I have to admit, it tasted better than it sounds and it only took a couple of minutes to prepare. This is one lunch item that I will make again.

Traditionally crêpes, a very thin pancake, are made with one of two kinds of flour; wheat flour for sweet and buckwheat for savory. Since I didn't have either on hand I used regular unbleached flour and it turned out just fine.

To make 6 or so crêpes, whisk together ½ c of flour, about 3/8 c of milk, 1 egg, a pinch of salt, and a dash of red pepper flakes. Whisk into the mixture about 1-2 T of browned butter. The consistency should be similar to heavy cream so give or take from the dry and wet ingredients until it is such. The batter should be prepared and refrigerated several hours early and brought to room temperature prior to cooking.

During the cooling period wash, sauté in olive oil and garlic, a couple of handfuls of chopped spinach until soft. After the spinach is sautéed mix in enough ricotta to your liken and sit aside.

To cook the crêpes take a warm pan and melt some butter on medium heat. Take just enough batter so that it thinly covers the bottom of the heated pan and cook it until the edges curl up. When you get the curl flip them and cook the other side.

After you are done cooking the crêpes fill them with the ricotta and spinach mixture and roll them up. Put the filled crêpes in a warm oven and make the duxelle. The duxelle is a mixture of minced mushrooms, shallots, garlic, red pepper flakes, and salt that is sautéed in butter then finally reduced in white wine until thick.

That may seem like a lot steps but if you get your meez together first you will fly right through this and have one of the most palate pleasing lunches.