HK’s Finale

Is it just me or did HK’s season finale turn out as bad as eating an over cooked egg. I’ve watched HK for a long time now, not my favorite but it's somewhat worthy to watch, and have never been so disappointed by the outcome. I secretly enjoy the way Ramsay verbally abuses-it’s a treat when he breaks things-those so called chefs. Here’s the link to see the WRATH OF RAMSAY.

I’m not a movie producer or a screen writer, I would be lucky if I could entertain a group of 1st graders, I am, however, becoming an expert on eggs. To maximize flavors and aromas and to have a deeper understanding of what the essence of ingredients are I reference: CIA’s-The Professional Chef, Escoffier-Cookbook and Guide to the Fine Art of Cookery, and, my most recent and one of my favorites, McGee-On Food and Cooking.

I’ve studied eggs for a while now. They are one of the most common and basic ingredients I cook with but at the same time one of the most impressive and dynamic. If prepared correctly the fragile little gems can be transformed into an airy and sweet meringue or a dense savory custard. Eggs are amazing!

I can’t change the outcome of HK but I can help you make an egg that is better than the show's finale.

Egg more praiseworthy than HK's outcome
1 Large Grade AA
1 T Butter
2 T Clarified butter

To make a really good egg takes time and patience. The first thing you want to do is heat your pan on low-medium heat for at least five minutes. Then take a tablespoon of clarified butter and heat that up in the pan for another couple of minutes. While that’s heating up put your large Grade AA egg in a small ramekin-this allows you to slide the egg in the hot pan without disturbing the yolk. The egg should be left alone while the whites firm up. *If the whites start to sizzle remove the pan from the heat. You do not want the whites to have any craters, browning, or to be crispy. After the whites have time to set, about a minute or so, take a tablespoon of clarified butter and gently spoon over the top of the egg and baste the top with the clarified butter until it looks like this…...

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Erin said...

I happen to think the finale turn out was not-so-bad...but I will attest you know how to fry up them eggs!