You can't go wrong

It seemed like everywhere I looked I saw a picture or heard someone referencing the classic French salad, Frisée Aux Lardons. Since there’s nothing more pleasing to my palate than eggs and bacon I figured I would recreate a version of the classic salad.

It was getting close to lunch time so I packed my bag and headed home anticipating the sweet smoky aroma of a thick strip of bacon frying in a hot pan. I couldn’t wait to get in my kitchen so that I could get to work on my salad.

When I get to the kitchen I put a pot of water on for the egg and heat up a separate pan for the bacon. My pots and pans are on and it’s time for me to get into the fridge. I open the door and notice there is an open bottle of white wine from the night before. What would you do? Would you pour yourself a glass or save it for later? Well, I couldn’t resist. I poured myself a glass and it was just as light, crisp, and, as enjoyable as the night before.

A couple of sips of wine and I’m ready to create my version of Frisée Aux Lardons

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Yield 1-2

1 T white vinegar
1 thick-cut strip of bacon, cut into cubes
1 small tomato, sliced
¼ bag of mixed greens
2 T red wine vinegar
1 large grade AA
¼ cup of grated parmesan

Add the white vinegar to a pot of simmering water and continue simmering. Place the cubes of bacon into a medium heated pan and fry until the cubes have formed a crispy border. On low broil put the tomato slices on a baking sheet, use a silicon mat, and broil until it’s time to plate. In the meantime wash and dry the mixed greens, plate and set aside. Drain the bacon and add the red wine vinegar to the same pan on low. This will be used as the dressing for the greens.

From a ramekin, slide the egg into the simmering water for about 3 minutes. While the egg is poaching take a ¼ cup of parmesan and add it to the pan with the tomato slices on high for 1-2 minute; until the parmesan forms a crispy disc. With a slotted spoon take out and pat dry the egg. Give the bacon and vinegar pan a couple of swirls and lightly coat the greens and plate the other ingredients on top in whatever order you prefer. You can’t go wrong.

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