Comfort Foods

I couldn't have picked a better night to put my oven to use. I had fresh tomatoes, it was Friday, and I had a long week at work. Sounds like a good time to turn on my oven, even though it was over 100° outside, and indulge in comfort food.

Comfort foods for me are packed with proteins and carbs. It should be hearty with complexed aromas, and, balanced with contrasting flavors and textures. My pan roasted chicken, risotto with peas and lemon zest, roasted garlic and tomatoes, and a skillet chocolate chip cookie with vanilla bean ice cream is just that. Comfortly Delicious!

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Yield 2-3

Roasted Tomatoes 2-3 hours roasting time.
2 heirloom tomatoes
1 clove of garlic
1 T kosher salt
A couple of turns on the pepper mill
Drizzle of olive oil

Preheat the oven to 375°. Cut the top of the tomatoes off and slice them in half. Put them in a bowl with the rest of the ingredients and toss gently. Place the ingredients on a pan that’s lined with parchment paper. Cook for 15-20 minutes. Turn down the oven to 250° and flip the tomatoes, drain the juices (or transfer to a fresh sheet of parchment) and continue to cook for an hour. Repeat one more time and cook until they are fully caramelized, another 30 minutes to an hour.

Risotto with Peas and Lemon Zest
2 C of Chicken Broth
1 T Butter
½ Shallot Minced
2 T White Wine
¼ C Arborio Rice
Handful of Peas
Heavy Pinch of Parmesan

Bring the broth to a simmer. Heat another pan on medium heat and melt the butter. Once the butter has melted sweat the shallots and add the wine. As soon as you smell the wine add the rice. Let the rice absorb the liquid before you add the first ladle of simmering broth. In steps, add a ladle of liquid only after the rice as absorbed the previous addition. It takes patience but a good creamy and firm risotto is worth it. With one or two ladles of liquid left add the blanched peas and lemon zest. After the last bit of liquid is absorbed add the parmesan. Season to taste.

Pan Roasted Chicken
2 T Butter
Salt and Pepper
Sprinkle of Cayenne

Oven 375°

Tightly wrap each seasoned chicken breast with saran wrap and put it in a simmering pot of water for 15-20 minutes (Sous Vide). This keeps the chicken moist and crispy. Heat an oven proof pan on medium heat and melt 1 T of butter. Place the chicken breast in the hot pan and brown the presentation side of the breast for three minutes without disturbing it. The breast is ready when it slides easily in the pan. Flip the breast and brown for another 3 minutes. Take the pan off the heat, flip the breast, add 1 T of butter and put in the oven for another 6-8 minutes. Remember that the chicken will cook another 5-10 degrees when you take it out of the oven.

Skillet Cookie
1/2 C butter flavor shortening (1 stick)
3/8 C granulated sugar
3/8 C brown sugar
½ tsp Vanilla
1 Large Egg
1 1/8 C Unbleached All Purpose Flour
½ tsp Salt
½ tsp Baking Soda
6-8 oz Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels

2-Scoops of Vanilla Bean Ice cream

Oven at 375°

In a small bowl, mix flour, salt and baking soda together. In a larger mixing bowl (or stand mixer), cream the shortening and the sugars on medium speed for at least three minutes. Add the vanilla then the egg, mix until fully incorporated. Add 1/3 of the dry ingredients and continue to mix until incorporated. Add the other thirds, one at a time. Once the wet and dry ingredients are fully incorporated stir in the chocolate chips. This amount will fill two 6inch cast iron skillets with some dough extra to enjoy while they bake or about a dozen 2 oz cookies using a # 20 disher. Bake the skillets at 16-18 minutes or 10-12 minutes for the 2 oz cookies.

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Leslie said...

I would seriously fly out to see you just for the food. Seriously. It looks amazing!