Big Time - not really.

When I first started this blog I thought that a magazine or F&B publication would find my posts so compelling that they would pay me big money to travel; to eat; and to write. Wouldn’t that be the life!! What can I say - I’m a dreamer who dreams big.

A couple of years later, several blog entries, a couple of published articles on Chef’s Blade & the Examiner and my dreams of being “the big show” haven’t become true. What is true is that I enjoy more than ever the travels, the food, and writing. I write with less concern with what the reader thinks and write more with what feels good for me.

I’ve also learned to cook much more relaxed; to be a part of and understand each ingredient I use and each meal I eat; that the surroundings are as equally important as the dish in front of me or the restaurant I’m visiting; that there is a time and place to take pictures of food; and to play more with my food like I used to as a kid.

Dreams come and go – some become reality. I’m dreaming of the roasted pulled chicken, egg noodles, and cottage cheese dish my mom used to make when I was a kid. The reality is that I’m heading to the market to pick up the ingredients.

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