Snow Angels

No typo – really there is snow, a lot of it, in the high country. Reports show over 10 inches worth has landed a couple of hours north of me. When I’m close to that much snow I want to do one of two things – make snow angels or stay in where it’s warm and make comfort food.

What would you do? Being in the desert for over three years has done me in. My body can’t take the cold anymore. I know… I know…I’m a baby.

Oh!! was staying in worth it. I halved and oven roasted an acorn squash at 375 until the flesh was fork tender, approximately an hour or so. I carefully scooped out the inside of the squash and used the outer portion of it to make little bowls to put a herb and squash creamy risotto in.

If you want my risotto recipe let me know – I’ll email it to you. For me risotto is one of the most satisfying dishes; especially when you’re not cut out for making snow angels.

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