France and "in the now"

I’ve been back from France now for about a week. I don’t know where to begin writing about my experience. I’m sure I could write a short story about it. As a non French speaking American taking a dessert class at one of the most famous cooking in Paris, which by the way was taught completely in French, and trekking, well far away from the beaten path just to buy a pastry and baguette from one of the only female bakers who’s bolungerie is home of the last wood burning ovens in Paris, was just a few things that I could write about.

The French’s lifestyle compared to American's is night and day different. People have told me that the French only work 35 hours, have twice as much “holiday” as Americans do, and care less about everything else in life except great food, art, history, and love. This may be true but the one thing that really stood out was how focused and attentive they were to “the now.”

Their two hour elaborate lunches were NEVER interrupted by cell phones, there were no hurried meals, and there was no way that you would witness a server rushing people through a service so that they could seat another table. The French seem to have something that I want in life, besides their ability to make the best bread and pastries, and that’s to be completely and utterly in “the now.”

France taught me a couple of things that I’ve all ready put into practice; the confidence in my ability to make a Frenchman proud of my macarons; a much more developed palate; stories that I will be able to tell for many years; and most importantly and appreciation and respect for being “in the now.”

Merci beaucoup France!

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