Parlez - vous Anglais

Recently someone asked me why I spend my leisure time in the kitchen and thinking about food. Then another, “what are you hoping to get out of going to culinary school and workshops?” What does it matter I thought.

Everything about food fulfills me; the planning; prepping; the creative expression of plating; incorporating seasonal flavors into dishes; stimulating all of my senses; there’s a beginning and an end to every dish; the ability and confidence to cook something instinctually instead of following a recipe—thank you Chef Pascal; and sitting down to enjoy supper with friends and family.

Like I mentioned in some of my earlier blog entries, and most of you already know-I’ve had a lot of different hobbies and passions in my life. Without blinking an eye I’ll sign up for workshops, go to school, take private lessons- you name it and I will do it if I’m interested in learning about the subject. Eccentric and aimless to some but to me it’s all about learning new things, living life, and having fun.

I went to culinary school for the first time after high school; I’ve bowled professionally and in college; managed bowling centers; learned from the best bowling coaches in the world; drilled bowling balls for national championship bowlers; I’ve had my name published in international and national bowling magazines; I’ve taken sailing and flight lessons; I’ve taken Jiu Jitsu and boxing lessons from people who are internationally known; and over the past couple of years I’ve revisited my passion for the culinary arts.

The 24 week program, Classic Cooking Academy, is, unfortunately, coming to an end. Having learned so much about the fond of French cooking and techniques I’ve decided to continue my education. I’ve reserved a spot in a 2.5 jours desserts des restaurants à l'assiette (plated desserts) workshop at the Ritz Escoffier Cooking School in Paris. No, I don’t speak French, I have a hard enough time speaking English, but to experience the French culture and to learn in the great kitchen of the Ritz is worth the challenges.

Maybe one day I’ll write a book, or own a specialty cafe, but no matter what, while I have a chance, I’m going to travel; write; learn; and cook really good food, as much as I can.

Parlez- vous Anglais? Going to France in July—YAY!!!

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Leslie said...

I absolutely love your spontaneity. You have always inspired me to try new things and I am constantly challenged to open my mind to new experiences. I'm jealous that you'll be spending time in Paris, but so excited for you, too!