One Bite at a Time

Since my last blog entry, seems like months ago, a lot has happened. I’ve had a few milestones and a few adventures that I thought was worth sharing. Chef Dionot (who by the way trained Top Chef finalist Carla Hall,) taught me how to make a delicious bouillabaisse, a variety of bouchées, ratatouille, several classic potato dishes, pastry cream, and how to shuck an oyster. I’ve discovered several eateries around the valley: Hawaiian (I do not doubt you, MZ;) Vietnamese; Organic; and a French bakery. I drank mead and ate a Scottish egg at the Renaissance fair. I’ve completed another post-bac education class; I’ve hosted a couple of dinner parties; I’ve finished reading ‘Me Talk Pretty One Day’ by David Sedaris – hilarious (Thank you UJ & AB;) I shot a .30-06 rifle and bought a fishing/hunting license (J, K, & C- what an experience.) I’ve learned the principles of sustainable living – Ethicurian - and I have joined the Slow Food Nation USA. And finally, I’ve been inspired by the book that I’m currently reading, ‘Yes Man’ by Danny Wallace, to say “yes” more.

I’m not sure why I’m writing about all of this. I just woke up from a great night’s sleep and my first thought was how grateful I am for the life I live and for the people that I share life with. I’m going to leave you with the words from a new friend of mine; “May there always be water at the end of your journey.”

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