Vegas Baby

I'm shocked by how many good places there are to eat in Vegas. One of my favorite places is a walk-up bakery in The Venetian. Bouchon Bakery is owned by one of the most recognized American chefs working today, Thomas Keller. His staff of bakers has experience ranging from Michelin two-stars to a Certified Master Baker. To simply put it, they are on a whole other level than the majority of chefs and bakers that most of us have experienced in our culinary adventures.

Needing a mid morning snack, I was satisfied and greeted by a great display of French-influenced baked goods at Bouchon Bakery: breads; viennoiserie; pastries; tarts; macarons – and a handful of servers happily ready to pull something out of the display case.

Erin and I were lucky - when you're in Vegas any form of luck is a win - to beat the mid-morning rush. Shortly after ordering the barista commented on how perfectly dry the cappuccino was. She handed me my drink and a precisely baked pain au chocolate, that had a golden brown and flaky exterior that was filled with warm, rich chocolate.

Just for the sake of being on vacation, I finished my morning snack with a few bites of Erin’s soft and chewy, buttercream filled, lemon macaron. After a few ooooohs and ahhhhhs of enjoyment, a dozen or so people came charging in to experience the expertly crafted and enticing display of Bouchon’s baked goods.

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