Keep them coming!

I am having a lot of fun reading your replies to the email I sent out last week that asked for your support. Right now I should be pureeing tofu for one of you but as the days go on I’m getting more and more feedback, requests, and questions that are keeping me in a place that I’m the happiest; the kitchen.

Before I reply to your emails I want to take my thinking cap and apron off and say thank you. I can’t say it enough how much I appreciate all of your support. You have my word that I will reply to your emails and comments with educated answers and ideas as fast as I can. Thank you again and keep the emails coming.

Stay tuned for how I tweak one of my favorite desserts using, hopefully will not be a disappointment to you MD, a silky tofu as the base instead of ricotta.

Here’s a hint on what I'm making. The hint is a quote from, what is said by many, the best gangster movie ever made. "Leave the gun. Take the _____." Any guesses?

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Melissa D. said...

I highly doubt I could be disappointed! By the way, I am half Italian and I can't wait to try your tofu cannoli. This may be a new Christmas tradition ;)